Recovering from a Red Team Review: Picking up the Pieces

All of us have been there. If not, your day will eventually come. The Review Team has done its pigeon-like thing. Now, you are swimming in the after wash. What to do but learn from it and keep moving? Here are some tips. 

Consolidate. Collect and de-conflict reviewers' comments. Discard any that not-actionable, not constructive, or prove once again that the critic bothered not to read the RFP. Be sure you understand the implications of each comment. Identify each and every section impacted.

“Bucketize.” Sort comments into three groups: 1) those you reject; 2) those you accept and will implement; and 3) those that need further study.

Prioritize. Put buckets two and three into a priority scheme. Account for both importance and ease of implementation.

Validate. Convene your core team. Confirm that you are on course. Listen to comments. Adjust as necessary.

Assign.  Assign a number to each comment and each comment to a champion. Set interim suspense and completion dates. Specify the deliverable you expect.

Brief. Convene the entire proposal team and detail the path forward and schedule for recovery. Answer questions.

Mentor. For “major” comments, work with the champion to implement the recommendation.

Integrate. Identify where changes in one section ripple to other sections. Keep everyone aligned to avoid inconsistencies and contradictions.

Track. Use a spreadsheet or similar tool to track each comment to disposition. Maintain visibility of progress during the recovery.

Alert. Be astute enough to inform management of your approach--especially if you disregard a comment. Watch whose ox is being gored.

Consult. If you disregard a Review Team comment, especially from an opinion leader or senior executive, have the courtesy to explain why.

Check. Trust but verify that the champions are following through.

Inspire. Rally the troops. Encourage them to renew their efforts. Paint a word picture of success. Lead them to complete the recovery.

Be Accountable. Make it your mission to implement every Review Team comment that scores additional evaluation points. Disregard the rest.

For companies using an automated review team evaluation tool, the above steps are basically the same. Follow these guidelines to speed recovery and improve the quality of the proposal.


Written by Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is the Chairman of KeyStone Solutions. Mr. McCarthy is also the Founder of AOC Key Solutions, a proposal consulting firm dedicated to helping companies win government contracts.
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