Guilty By Affiliation: The Hidden Risks of Teaming On IDIQs


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What is Affiliation? Why is it a problem? If your team runs into Affiliation, what can you do?

Affiliation is a potential hidden iceberg for many companies, particularly small businesses when it comes to teaming on large indefinite quantity indefinite delivery (IDIQ) contracts.  We discuss how investigations of Affiliation can arise during the bidding phase as a competitor seeks to disqualify you and what you should do. In the Tao of Jim segment, we cover the subtle distinctions between compliance and responsiveness.


  • Maria Panichelli, Attorney, Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman
  • Jim McCarthy, Chairman, KeyStone Solutions and Host of The Bridge
  • Ray Thibodeaux,  Senior Proposal Specialist, AOC Key Solutions

About Keys to Winning
Keys to Winning is a podcast where we cover topics on federal business development, proposal management, and government contracting trends. Every episode is 15 minutes or less. All episodes are hosted by Raymond Thibodeaux, a seasoned proposal specialist with AOC Key Solutions. 

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AuthorRaymond Thibodeaux

Ray Thibodeaux is a Senior Proposal Specialist at AOC Key Solutions with more than 15 years of government proposal experience. He excels at synthesizing ideas and strategies from client managers, engineers and SMEs to write executive summaries, management and technical volumes, and past performance.


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