How to Survive a Red Team Review and Learn From It

By Jim McCarthy on Jul 12, 2018

All of us have been there. If not, your day will eventually come. The Red Team Review members have done their pigeon-like thing. Now, your proposal writers are swimming in the after wash. How do you learn from it, keep moving, and improve your proposal?  

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No Time for A Pink Team: How to Execute Short Turnaround Proposal Reviews

By Doug Brisson on Apr 16, 2018

As proposal professionals we are very process and procedure oriented. Process gives us control and because of this, the progressive, sequenced structure of color-coded proposal reviews is appealing. But how do you conduct effective reviews with less than a month from kickoff to delivery?

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How to Manage Proposal Color Reviews When You Lack Time

By Doug Brisson on Oct 4, 2017

The progressive, sequenced structure of color-coded proposal reviews works. That is, it works on major proposals where you have lead time of 30 days or more, especially if there is a draft RFP that can help you jump start the process, and you have access to the client’s resources and Subject Matter Experts.

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A Guide To Proposal Color Team Reviews & Ratings

By Doug Brisson on Sep 15, 2017

The world of Government proposals is a world with its own language and rituals. 

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How to Develop a Proposal Plan, Part 6: Color Team Reviews

By Ellen Perrine on Feb 1, 2014

In Government Proposals, experienced Proposal Managers develop a Proposal Plan to guide them through the proposal effort. This is the sixth in a series of articles that discusses part six of the planning process, Color Team Reviews.

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Getting to Gold: The Importance of an Effective Review Process for a Winning Proposal (Part 1)

By Ellen Perrine on Jun 25, 2013

An effective proposal review process is absolutely essential to the crafting of a winning proposal.

Unfortunately, the proposal review process in many companies is viewed as more of an annoyance than as a strategic business tool, to the clear detriment of the proposal. Often, proposal reviews are not planned; rather, they are scheduled at the spur of the moment. Many times the reviewers who participate do so because they are the only staff immediately available. Frequently, those assigned to review the proposal are not even familiar with the Request for Proposal (RFP), its requirements, or what the company is offering. They are rarely briefed on their responsibilities as reviewers, or on the desired outcome of the review process.

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