10 Reasons to be Proud of Working in the Government Proposal World


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It Matters: Be Proud Of What You Do 

We often hear negative representations of Government contractors, and these stories seem to garner alot of media attention. But what about the positive impact these companies have on our larger community? Now more than ever, for professionals in the government market, it's important to know that each day you come to work you are privileged to have the opportunity to do something great, difficult, unlikely, or nearly impossible to achieve.  


Each time you pursue an opportunity, submit a proposal, or win a contract, you and your company make a vast difference. Once the contract begins, your company is able to provide a valuable service to the nation or to the community. If you can ever stop long enough to reflect, you know that the projects you pursue and eventually execute are intrinsically important.

As a professional devoted to business development, capture or proposal development in the government market, you help your company secure and win work. Once won, these contracts perform a valuable national service.

You Help Your Companies, and Your Companies Help Government:

1. Alleviate poverty

2. Combat terrorism

3. Fight Crime

4. Manage vast amounts of data

5. Promote equality and human rights

6. Clean up the environment

7. Communicate globally

8. Enhance national security

9. Maintain health services

10. Pursue peace

This is why we do what we do: it matters.  It is amazing to be able to have such an impact. Be proud.

This post was orginally published April 1, 2015 and updated September 29, 2017. 

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AuthorJim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is the host of The Bridge, a television show focused on government and industry airing on ABC7 News. Mr. McCarthy is also the Founder of AOC Key Solutions, a proposal consulting firm dedicated to helping companies win government contracts.


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